Each reader knows answers of WHY ?  questions.

The life exists on the Earth by aggregate capacity of atoms, produced by an energy field, locally situated in the Univers.
The proof is visible in the Univers with nebula, which are always circular and flat, with a rotation speed.

This one is constituted of 'undulatory' energy, that human consciousness cannot observe, but becomes solid in atoms, which fit together to made visible matter for human being.

Undulatory energy  is dynamic, matter energy is static.
This is shown in Einstein egality.

WHAT to DO is understood by reverse reading Einstein egality. Matter is gathering to produce living systems, which move in the space, that constitue dynamic energy.

Human consciousness has invented a word to show energy type change : DUALITY .
It is possible to understand 'recto-verso' of a white page. A human must turn a white page to see the different faces.

An irrefutable proof is given by particule accelerators, which transform dynamic energy into material energy, called particules with a short period of time.

The proof of a higher abstract level is included in the previous sentence.

Material static particules, moving inside an accelerator, produce new particules when they collide with a particule.
A new notion appears in our consciousness, called ' DURATION ' .
Humen have transformed that dynamic notion into a static notion called ' TIME ' .

Previous knowledge gives the comprehension that a human, which goes down his bed, produces an increase of inertial moment of the earth.
Consequently ROTATION SPEED of the earth  DECREASES .
Direct consequence is the production of earth warming-up.
Obviously other phenomenons exist, but unknown.

In reference of the discourse of this site, the main means to satisfy the local energy field of the Cosmos is to built the HUMANITY for becoming a  LIVING SYSTEM practicable for millions years for milliards Humen.

Previous idea is not a project, it is only a FINALITY without END .

This sentence describes the proof of DURATION , that means TIME for a human, that does not exist inside the Cosmos, and the UNIVERS, by intellectual generalisation.

The partial reach of that finality will be realised by projects made by Humen along the time.The necessary projects for satisfaying  "cosmic local energy field" are described in this discourse.

Humen actions are prepared inside a PROJAMME , word made with project and programme, to designate  definition and realisation of the goal.

Three projammes will be made in work at the same time :

- HUMANITY  ORGANISATION for the futur, with application of cybernetic processus : conception, experimentation, caracteristics definition, prototype, qualification, adaptation, realization, quality validation.

AUTOCRITICAL CONTROL will be made to determine adaptation modifications, along the the time, for the realisation of the GOAL, defined at the start.

For increasing earth rotation speed the projamme must move big stones from the mountains to the ocean level, and under.

The main argument is to diminish the pressure on the tectonic areas, that produce earthquake catastrophes which have bad consequences on humen life.

This activity will be made in parallel with :

- to CONSTRUCT satellised rings around the Earth.
The FINALITY is double : to permit Humen to leave around the Earth, in a 'vital space' , in which the gravitational field will exist, equivalent at the Earth, for a normal live, with a good health.
This machine will permit to the Humen " Cosmos conqueror" to make their dreams.

The importance of the psychology will appear in the reader consciousness by the fact that a large percentage of them will think :
- it's a dream
- it's an utopia
- it's impossible .....

So the author has made a problem in the reader mind, who is alone for solving this problem.

Complementary information: in a thermodynamical process there exists entropic energy, that means in a humen process always exists negative actions to pull down positive actions in running.
That always necessitates energy, made by humen, for diminushing or avoiding probable catastrophes.

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The reader knows the word ' humanity ' that designates all Humen  living and will live on the Earth and in the Space.

At present humanity is not a living system, even though each Human constituing it, is a "living system" by definition.

"actually any one can make anything, anywhere, anytime, for any reason at Earth surface"

This statement constitutes the proof that entropy is greater than neguentropy energie produced by a part of Humen.
People have neither a way of life, nor a cybernetic organisation to make projams, that is the mean to decrease the domination of the nature that stops Humen to go to the common finality, for millions hears, in the cosmic space.

Humen psychological analysis establishes they are keepers of their vital spaces, interested by life knowledge, by informations of 'stars' way of life. They don't want to change their habits. They are conditioned the non evolution of their spirit according to religions. Difficulties for living with foreigners
moving in their vital space, who haven't the same moral human values for actions and living together.

The futur is unknown for them.Their action consequences are unknown for them.

The first concerned persons are the readers of this discourse, who have understood Humen situation in year 2017, with described phenomenons that give an answer to WHY questions.
They will convince people for participating to projams described here.

A difficulty will be to make HUMANITY as one venerable entity by increasing the spirituality of Humen to the sacred belief : " Humanity will live eternally "

Evolution of each Human increases inside a group, which is in relation with other groups. All groups live inside the same vital space,  called SOCIECYBER .
Around thirty thousands people constitute one sociecyber living on hundred kilometers square on the earth.

For thirty milliards of Humen the number of sociecyber is one million, living on hundred millions square kilometers. Emerged earth surface is hundred twenty four millions square kilometers, including mountains, rivers and great rivers, ... This unoccupied area is around thirty percents. That means only twenty milliards people will be able to live on the Earth.

This finality will be possible only if their psychological attitude is positve, without hate, for fixing goals, and then go to work with happiness.
Live together  with reciprocal respect according to action and moral humen values, which are the same for all people.


This psychological intention, made in HUMANITY FINALITY ,  with a world permanent control.

This first protection for all sociecybers, will be reinforced by the complet cybernetical organisation of each Human living in a group, living in several cybernetical groups, that constitute one sociecyber.

The Humanity projam follows the knowledged  intellectual process : cogitation for goal caracterisation, associated to make definitions with all necessary and possible means to do. (that is called UTOPIA) .

A large pourcentage of readers will say : " it's impossible " ;
But some people will imagine the projam beginning, with termite building observation, for example.
This complex construction is a ralistic example of systemV (living system), made by very small systemV, favorable way of life for one million people.
Humen will be able to do the same, and bigger.
Humen must take example of termitiary because it is a cybernetic system. They have to do an equivalent systemV.

The reader has understood that the life existing on the Earth, is in opposition to the gravitational energy field. In consequence the life produces an energy field to permit the life augmentation of living being number and their bulk, and also to move about, to get out one's place with greater speed.
All Humen are living in this described phenomenon.
All reader taking conscience of this obvious fact, is the proof he has a conscience. 

A small percentage of Humen will go to conceive that project, but a lot of people will be against its realisation, because they don't know the utility of their actions to construct the " Humanity future ".

The RESULT of the sociecyber erected tower and organisation must satisfy all requirements for body, mind and spirit of all people living inside their vital space.
Evolution capabilities must be included for satisfying the humanity system by birth, health and death, along centuries, to conform oneself to local cosmic energy variations.

The entity of the crystalline structure of the Humanity is the sociecyber.

The second crystalline entity is made by four close sociecybers, whith their towers near at a corner, to make a town (not a city) of one hundred twenty thousand people, with the same human density.
Expansion of this living being is limited by oceans, mountains, rivers and great-rivers, etc...

Higher  previous ideas up several projects are presented here, to satisfy  the  ' life field ', and also the Humen psychological attitude called ' EXPANSION ' .

First  " projamme 1 ", and second " projamme 2 " .

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english  08-2017
This image presents the Humen realization of a new  " Vital Space " , in which several thousand people will permanently live.

This construction satisfies EXPANSION notion, wich permanently exists in the Human Spirit, which wants to conquer the cosmic space.
These actions will be in the direction of the energy potential field, which is in opposition to the energy gravitational field.

The life on the Earth proves this opposit field by the production of enormous trees called 'sequoia' .  

Readers will understand that Univers reality, which is observed, is related to the DUALITY , wich is seen in our body and the Nature.

The first anneau-sat realisation will allow to Humen to understand utility for decreasing climatic warming-up of the earth.

This phenomenon produces several meteorological disasters.

This first projamme is the first step for the global Humanity Projamme described here.

In 2017 the most important finality will be the construction of the anneau-satext for making the gravity field to permit confortable Human life.
The main caracteristics are : 10 km/s = square ( 0.01 km/s2 x 10 000 km ), which is the tangential speed.
This speed is smaller than earth orbital speed, which is required for nuclear mass ejection for tangential speed of 25 km/s. A magnetic engine will be able to increase this speed to 30 km/s, which is the Earth orbital speed.

At that point, mass speed towards the Sun is 0 km/s, with an 10 m/s2 acceleration directed to the Sun.

In 2017 we can say that this project realisation is possible, according to spatial successes. It is possible according to intelligent and savoir-faire of technicians. A lot of computer teams will be able to simulate all motions for making projammes.

According to Humanity money management system, everybody will paied with mondo money, wich will be created at that instant, after quality verification of the result, definedin the validated agreement, signed before action.

Projamme 2   describe all part of the anneaux-sat system, made around the Earth

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PROJAMME  2 english

Image shows two anneaux-sat turning around the Earth sphere for prooving the possible existence of that system.
Our imaginary is able to make images inside our Human Spirit, which is our REALITY .

Reader knows main possibilities of one anneau-sat in the earth orbit, for example to eject nuclear waste.
Any nuclear waste bloc will be moved by the Sun gravitational field if its orbital speed is zero m/s .
This anneau-sat must be outside others to eliminate any collision against a bloc moving to the Sun and
to avoid the Humen living inside the anneau-satext.
A gravitational field will be made for Human life, equivalent to life on the Earth. Reflex and moves will be the same, and also fatigue, with energy recovery cycle.

Each anneau-sat must be considered as a ' tool ', to realize the final function of Humen, called EXPANSION .

Studies, with computer simulations, will allow to design the complete configuration anneau-sat system for making all moves of all parts of the system for improvement.

An idea developped by the author, is presented in a periodic scientific book called " FUSION ", 79 number of january-february 2000 year, at page 58. This rocket launch way will eliminate a part of pollution.

This system will lauch sky-rocket to a speed of around 1.5 km/s at 5000 meters high, before chemical engine for reaching the first anneau-sat.

The speed increasing for ascending, is produced by an important magnetic field to push a rocket carriage for orbiting a bloc of material.
This magnetic fields are produced by nuclear electric powers, placed along the rail, for producing magnetic impulses at good places at good times whith good synchronization.
From this initial speed, speed increasing will be produced by wellknown engines.

In 2017 the launch base number can be forseeing about 200. With 10 launchings each day 700000 tons wil be placed on orbit.

This accomplishment will be made along several century. In 2017, 99.9 % of Humen will think : "impossible".

According to our cybernetic actual knowledge, Humen love to work for more confortable way of life.


Circular speed
An anneau-sat turns around the earth center with a tangent speed wich produces centrifuge energy for making tension in the anneau-sat structure for its stabilisation.
The regular speed is maintained by several metal rollers, moved by electric power, in opposit speed direction of anneau-sat speed.
Energy transfert is made by chocs or friction.

One anneau-sat is used for transfering material, machines, humen, etc.. from earth surface to the anneau-satext, and reciprocaly, according to necessities.
Each anneau-sat has two launch rails, one to external and one to internal transfert.
When the mass is ejected, the carriage is piloted to the base for an other launch.
The rocket is piloted to the arrival base.

The anneau-satext will be constructed step by step from the Earth.

The end of that projamme 2 is not known because political problems are not resolved by the psychology and knowledge, at the beginning of XXI century.

During the anneau-sat construction only one psychological motivation will be to succeed, without mistake, to reach the common goal : to satisfy  COSMIC FINALITY.

The main constraint of the anneau-satext is to move in the orbital plan of the Earth for ejecting mass with 0 m/s speed in relation with the Sun.
The sun gravitation will move the mass into the Sun around 4 or 5 weeks.

For this organisation the anneau-satext ray will be around 64 000 km for producing an acceleration equal to 9.8 m/s2, equivalent to terrestral gravitation.


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