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Concrete description of one sociecyber is made in " to make Humanity " article, with major humen finalities, in the goal that everyone has always action envy for an eternal life of the Humanity.  

This psychological attitude does not exist in 2017 year.

Readers know that the solution is everyone make actions according to cybernetic process, WITH the CONDITION that actual intellectual thinkings are modified.

For example god has all created, that mister xxx says to us what we has to do, as described in the sacred book, etc...

Education conditions our thinkings by using the PAST in reference, instead of to think from the FUTUR, as explained by cybernetic process.
The argument is the great difficulty to adapt our behavior to the present, that is changing everytime.
So our evolution is slow .
This process is known by everyone, made in evidence by our daily behavior.
One Human acts to go somewhere, to do something.
Our HUMEN VALUES have been modified along 3000 years period.

These intellectual fundamental changes are difficult to make by Humen, but everyday they practice the cybernetic process when they succeed to win the goal they have decided to reach.

Each decision is always taken with the criterion knowledge of good, bad, life, death, etc ...

The cybernetic process consists of : situation knowledge, goal knowledge, how to do knowledge, evaluation capacity to determine my positive interests, without negative interests for other people, catastrophe risks, interests for following generations, interests for the Humanity.

Before his action, everyone must asks him : " TO DO  OR  NOT  TO  DO " .

Only after the result making, and also after caracteristics control, it will be able to say by observers : " result is useful ".
And after a period of time of utilization, if produced services are correct, this result can be taken as a REFERENCE , if not, the result will be taken as a spot.

This discourse describes the main phenomenons which influence and govern the humen evolution.
Every reader can observe the main activities of people,  wich are oriented to  DYNAMIC and SPATIAL EXPANSION .

This psychological attitude follows the local cosmic field, around us , localy present in the Solar System, which is included inside the universal field, which produces explosions , energy concentrations and so on.
Now we cannot know the reality of the Univers. But it is not a problem for us.

Foreseeable situation inside a Sociecyber
Around thirty thousand Humen, aged of zero to 100 + x years, will leave inside a high tower, placed in the corner of a square of earth for agronomic activities.
People density will be three hundred persons per square kilometers.
The VITAL SPACE of a Sociecyber is CLOSED.

A reserved hotel exists for external persons coming into the sociecyber for specific meetings.

Obviously a sociecyber is a leaving being , which necessitates recycling waste-products.

Everyone must maintain his health along all his life. Several medical levels inside a sociecyber, and outside exist specific medical levels. All outside medical levels are related to the Humanity medical level.

Natural spaces cleanness will be maintained at a correct quality level, by a contribution with others Sociecyber.
Coordination for different waters and liquids management, according to specifications, which are modified only every ten years.
Air quality is also managed by a group of sociecybers, situated on a large region.
All machines and engines will be maintained for using or recycling.

For living inside a tower with a Human confort, several functions will be operating, like temperature regulation, energy deperdition, hygiene regulation, hygrometry regulation, "agents pathogenes", etc...

Machine construction, mechanical and electronical pieces manufacturing will be made inside the sociecyber.

The sociecyber finality consists of making all things in relation of competencies and investments of inmates, for local employment.
Each sociecyber will made small series of pieces for other sociecyber, with an intense cooperation.
Quality specifications will be seriously controled by the customer, before the removal.


In year 2017 each reader knows the religion used by all the humen, everywhere at earth surface, called " silver money religion ". They pratice it everyday.

All these counts are governed by the country power, by obligatory levies which are made automaticaly.

In a Sociecyber each Human has received one million mondos, just at his time birth.
This value corresponds to live without working all along his existence.

This potential money is placed on a PERSONAL INVIOLABLE COUNT.
This ONLY count is put to ZERO at his time death.
In proportion to the count level an acknowledgment is made by governance to the owner .

A monument, a street name, or  one symbol , is placed in the Sociecyber space for thanks, during a limited period of time, according to governorship decision.

All along his life several persons help, assist, to look after him, make things or services, always against money.
Consequently money count level decreases. According to the sociecyber rules the owner must gain money for increasing his money count, by his participation to different activities existing in the Sociecyber organisation, such as intellectual games, manual games, simulations on special machines, sociecyber projammes, humanity projammes, etc...
But he paies someone for any apprenticeship he receives, and he gains money after proved competences after certificate.

The money potential of a Sociecyber is decreasing by working for usual maintenance and reparations or rebuilding  after catastrophes.

The money potential of a Sociecyber is increasing by  working in projammes realyzed outside the Sociecyber.

This rule constitutes the reference inside sociecyber organisation AND Humanity organisation.

The building projammes make machines and tools for increasing the VITAL  SPACE of the HUMANITY.
They satisfy human psychological attitude called EXPANSION .
The maintenance projammes increase DURABILITY of building projammes.

All human activities and services are paied by the sociecyber, from its money count, increased by  "humanity value tax",  sociecyber projammes tax and others. Proportion is always twenty percents of gains.

Only humanity projammes can create " mondo money " in correspondence with expectated quality result, after quality service acceptation.

After the projamme accepted result, together, team-mates share out money benefit, according to their criterions defined BEFORE the projamme contract, in accordance with competence engagement for making operations defined inside tasks for each of them. 

Afterwards, for each team-mate the life continues inside his team, inside his group, inside his Sociecyber, according to the way of life, for his participation to sociecyber systemic needs, for increasing his knowledge and competences, USEFUL and SERVICEABLE for the Humanity .

In this discourse the word system defines the sociecyber nature. This nature is made by ENERGY , which has two types of existence, has shown by Einstein equality.
Words used by Humen for these energy types are : static, dynamic.

Transformations between these energies are made by different phenomenons, which are acting in the Univers. 
For us, the well-known transformation ( or conversion ) phenomenom is called  the LIFE .

Everybody knows the life phenomenon, which tranforms photonic energy (abstract  dynamic energy) to organic material energy, which becomes earth material, that is to say static concrete energy.

Our actual knowledge defines a living being as a thermodynamic system, which means energy existing in, is partialy used for continuing his life, to make positive actions and also negative actions, with a part of consumption energy, called ENTROPY.
Obviously, the Humanity must organize activities for maintaining entropy at a permanent small level.

All previous sentences describe the situation of a Human inside all other Humen, living inside HUMANITY,  on the Earth surface. All together they are acting  as explained in history books.

At that point, the discourse is completely correct.

Along a day human psychology changes, and also along his life, related to the age.
Sociecyber must organize possibilities for everyone to work to win mondo money.
Several specific rooms permits the " projamme choice " for a Human or a team or several teams together , for making  the projamme selection, according to theirs competences.

After procedure realisation each Human must sign his engagement for the working contract, between him and the sociecyber. Each contract specifies agenda dates. Each contract specifies mondo investment value, associated with the mondo gain value, after quality service validation.

Each "projamme choice room" are dedicated to an activity domain, like agriculture, wood, metals, maintenance, humen services, etc...
Announcements are published by business firms which are living under one or several teams responsabilities.
These entities are under quality and administration services of the Sociecyber.

For the ANTIESCLAVAGISM , in this organisation, one Human wins mondo monay by himself, in participating to the way of life of his Sociecyber, by working with the others, in projammes.

According to his psychology, a Human can be oriented to the Sociecyber, while others are oriented to the Humanity.
Readers can understand the most important finality is to do Humanity life more longer.
This psychologic attitude must be permanently inside the spirit of each Human .


This word exists from 2500 years, invented by greek philosophers about the GOUVERNORSHIP discussions, which is placed in a specific area called AGORA inside sociecybers, where everybody can debate.
Several agoras exist in a reserved zone. They are reserved by a group of Humen, for a limited period of time, after a money payment. Reservation describes the subject of discussions.

If an agora discussion makes a result : to do actions, with positive arguments, the subject is placed in a forum, with specialists for developping the subject. If possible a project is defined.

After several forums, a projamme is ready for sticking it up in a work choice room of the Sociecyber.

If the projamme is considered important for the region, or for the Humanity, one associated Sociecyber proposes the projamme to the humanity gouvernorship.
After adaptations the projamme is placed in a specific mondial information system.
This information system is equivalent to the existing system called "internet".

This mondial information system presents only useful informations.

In the case of several Sociecyber want to invest in a humanity projamme,  all teams have to sign  their engagement on, for the validation of the humanity projamme contract, in whitch they want to participate.
That action gives the start order for the beginning.


This previous described process satisfies the cybernetic process. It must run until the quality validation to receive the money gain.


This discourse discribes Humanity organisation, wich is managed through several computers making operations ordered by informatic programmes. These expert programmes make equivalent functions existing in a human spirit, like to compare, to judge, to select data, references,...

The proposed choice given by the expert programme is controled and verified by the QUALITY SERVICES, and ACCEPTED by Humen who are ready to ACT.


This procedure places each acting Human inside his Sociecyber RESPONSABILITY, and also the participating Sociecyber RESPONSABILITY.

The word  "to ACT" specifies the human motion ordered by the Spirit.
This move corresponds to open potential energy to muscules of limb for moving the body, which is able to displace objects. Result is human potential energy has deacreased, without interest, but his body is tired.

In a thermodynamic system  a small quantity of energy is lost, called ENTROPY.
In a thermodynamic system an energy gain or profit is called NEGUENTROPY .

this case the process must be CYBERNETIC.
This sentence permits to caracterize COMPETENT HUMEN, in a specific domain, known by everybody.
The way for showing his competence is to make competions.

Competitions are organized by competent Humen of the Sociecyber for validating results.

All readers see this obviousness. So they have to transmit this knowledge.


One regulation exists in the "silver-money" flow, which is a REFERENCE for calculating worker salary to everybody, after validated results obtained in all activity domaines.  

For the Humanity the silver-money potential is the sum of all money counts of the living Humen.
The Humen work power is visible in buildings, tools, machines, and all ameliorations in fitting earth up.

Only these changes at earth surface, and space, show Humen activities, which are participating to Humanity evolution.

This described evolution satisfies the local cosmic energy potential, and is running in the Human psychological evolution for making a spiritual attitude , called HAPPINESS .

The global sum of money constitutes one POTENTIAL SPATIAL CONSTRUCTION , in the case of ENGAGEMENT of several Humen to INVEST MONEY with their COMPETENT WORK POWER, for REALIZING one or more PROJAMMES , to GAIN MONEY in feedback.

This regulation depends birth number on, associated to work spatial hours.
This spatial work is the UNIQUE mean to create MONDO MONEY.

Benefit is used to fit way of life up by environment changes.


This word designates the different meaning levels of one notion, 'identified' by one word.

For example following words : to ponder, to meditate, to cogitate, to brood, to spiritualize, to dream, to think, to observe, to see, to innovate ( to make an innovation ), to search, to look for, to seek, to try to find, to judge, to evaluate, to deem, to fancy, to imagine, to evaluate, to make reference, and so on, designate intellectual and mental activities.

For a good comprehension by the listener, the speaker has to place two or three adjectives near the notion word for describing action in the situation .

This verbal relation is not a COMMUNICATION.

A communication is realized par the cybernetic process, which means : " the speaker has comprised that the listener has comprised " .
This goal is realized by one or more " go and return", called discussion.

Inside a group of some thousands people, several living rules have to exist.
Inside the Humanity, with some milliards of people, several living rules have to  exist in according to moral laws, for living together, inside a limited region.
These laws are in relation with the knowledge of why life on the earth, and to do what for Humen people.

They are transmited by EDUCATION.


The notion of RESPECT of Humen persons is placed in the most important moral rule: " YOU DON'T KILL "
Readers have consciousness that law is not applied, in a complete contradiction with the local cosmic energy law.

This discours shows the life phenomenon on the Earth with giving an important argument FOR BUILDING the HUMANITY TO THE FUTUR.


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