The english meaning of the word "team" corresponds to the significant meaning of the notion described in this written speech.

Here, team describes a group of Humen which live together with a common 'life mode', during a long periode of time, to reach the same goal.

This Humen specific group satisfies the ' cybernetic process ' described in this speech.

A team is constituted of several persons of the group, wich have competences for making tasks in the result, defined in a large construction, which is usefull for the sociecyber,  inside a limited period of time.
A team works always with others teams in the same local vital space.
Complet organisation is made by the sociecyber e .

To succeed the goal realisation, all teamers must know specific informations of several knowledges and to do-knowledges, to organize teamer competence choices for making the result.

To help active workers, other Humen realise logistical tasks.
Around them several Humen maintain, everyday, the VITAL SPACE of all.

All teamers live together during several ten years. Sometimes one is replaced by another.

Sixteen Humen constitue a team, speek the same specific langage, made during internal activities, constituted  of silences, small motion corps, which put all teamers in communion, with intuition.

Each teamer has one or several tasks to do everyday, with some responsabilities, according to his competences, as doctor, mecanician, driver, cook, commercial, negociator, teacher, qualitician, etc... and other for making relations with Sociecyber Humen groups.

For a Human, his pecuniary account is very important.

Sociecyber has a rule: at the moment of a human birthday a pecuniary account is open for the baby, with an amount of mondo money to live 100 years.

When his account becomes lower a predefined level, he must make a useful work for the Sociecyber.

When the result of the goal is validated, Sociecyber pours each team account, and next, some mondo are pouring on each teamer account.
The value is determine by all the teamers.
Inside a team never mondo transfert between accounts.

Sociecyber takes 5 percents on the work value.

A Sociecyber is constituted of several knots, in which teamers has responsabilities to protect people against disasters and external aggressions.

In fact around twenty five thousands Humen constitue one Sociecyber, in which there are knots, in which each there are teams. This bringing together knots are living among alone Humen.
These people are following there personal organisation living, with often working with knots, according their necessities.

Each team lives inside a Humen knot, capable of containing two or three active teams at the same time.

A team can work outside the Sociecyber for more money, after around six months.

After the end of this periode of time, all teamers are at home, for debreifing, formations, necessary supplies,selfeducation,health,holydays, etc...

Inside a Sociecyber all projects are presented in special rooms for selection by teams.
Projects are proposed by the teams.

For working each team must select one project, and teamers determine all conditions for making the partial or complete project.
Teamers present their prepared project to the experienced decisional council.

The project must answer all  criterions and quality requirements.

To determine project cost proposition, team cost realisation is added to the proct cost.

The  council selects the better correct project proposition.
After acception mobilisation of all necessary logistical material is organised for displacement on the site.

After quality acceptation of the result, the gain is put in the team pecuniary account, and distributed to each teamer.
The sum of money gains by a teamer is determined by the n-1 teamers, after the review of good and bad actions made by the teamer during global result realization.