This image presents the Humen realization of a new  " Vital Space " , in which several thousand people will permanently live.

This construction satisfies EXPANSION notion, wich permanently exists in the Human Spirit, which wants to conquer the cosmic space.
These actions will be in the direction of the energy potential field, which is in opposition to the energy gravitational field.

The life on the Earth proves this opposit field by the production of enormous trees called 'sequoia' .  

Readers will understand that Univers reality, which is observed, is related to the DUALITY , wich is seen in our body and the Nature.

The first anneau-sat realisation will allow to Humen to understand utility for decreasing climatic warming-up of the earth.

This phenomenon produces several meteorological disasters.

This first projamme is the first step for the global Humanity Projamme described here.

In 2017 the most important finality will be the construction of the anneau-satext for making the gravity field to permit confortable Human life.
The main caracteristics are : 10 km/s = square ( 0.01 km/s2 x 10 000 km ), which is the tangential speed.
This speed is smaller than earth orbital speed, which is required for nuclear mass ejection for tangential speed of 25 km/s. A magnetic engine will be able to increase this speed to 30 km/s, which is the Earth orbital speed.

At that point, mass speed towards the Sun is 0 km/s, with an 10 m/s2 acceleration directed to the Sun.

In 2017 we can say that this project realisation is possible, according to spatial successes. It is possible according to intelligent and savoir-faire of technicians. A lot of computer teams will be able to simulate all motions for making projammes.

According to Humanity money management system, everybody will paied with mondo money, wich will be created at that instant, after quality verification of the result, definedin the validated agreement, signed before action.

Projamme 2   describe all part of the anneaux-sat system, made around the Earth

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