Evolution description of HUMEN made by archeologists, corresponds to the RÉALITY.
 7.5 milliards of Humen live everyday at the earth surface, in 2017 year.

At Human CRO-MAGNON age, -36000 years, Humen number was some millions.

At year ZERO, the number was around 290 millions, to reach 1 milliard around 1610 year.

Into 1900 year, the number was 1.9 milliard, which has increased to 2.8 milliards in 1950, and 6 milliards in 1999 year.

The author poses questions : what will be Humen number in 2100 year, in 3100 year, in 10000 year ?

Each reader must take consciousness of this phenomenon, in which  each Human and all Humen of the Humanity live.

The phenomenon signification is that each Human has an influence, by his actions,  for ever.

Scientific language says : a living being is a thermodynamic system.
By generalization we can say : a group is a system, like the Humanity.

This affirmation is prooved by animal species which live together inside a vital space, delimited by climatic conditions.

Humen are mamalian, obliged to be two Humen for produce children, which will become adult after education.
They will replace old generation, inside vital space of the group  which lives inside a favorable territory to find food and water.

Only this way of life is correct for making life for ever, which is inside each Human spirit at his birth.
This spirit attitude is transmited by adults to Humen groups.

According to wars around the earth, we cannot generelize.

One child will become an adult if the familly is protected and is feeding by the group, constituted by several ten Humen to permit evolution of each Human along the time, to evoluate with the society.

These sentences describe  the life, but the life stops when death happens.
Two Humen running to take an apple hanging to the tree branch. The strongest will kill the other to be able to eat the apple, which will permit him to live longer.

A question for readers, what will happen into XXI century with 10 milliards of Humen ?

Reality must be taken by all  Humen for ever, with the most importante HUMAN VALUE  :
                                                 HUMANITY  FOR EVER

To realize permanently the dynamic of all actions, they must be ORGANIZED in a coherent structure, to share out the existing  VITAL SPACE.

For a permanent Humen thinking, for this finality, a RELIGION must be created, for conducting new genarations to acquire this knowledge on the life on the earth and close space, to memorize and refresh permanently this notion inside their spirit attitude.

In occidental improvement, the word duality designates 'abstract' versus 'concrete'.
These notions exist from several millenary with words 'paradis' and 'hell'.

In asiatic improvement the word  YIN YANG  expresses the same notion.

All together we can say : " we live in a DUAL RÉALITY" .

The previous speech permits to say : the major HUMEN VALUES are









These values exist in the past, so they must continue for ever.

These words specify the Univers Réality that our Spirit percives as notions, they permit cogitations for producing new entities, more concrete, to reach the réality that is under our feet.

The proof is made by knowledge acquired by learned Humen, which diffuse inside the Spirit of a large number of people.

This knowledge is applied by ACTIONS, that produce changes in daily life by TOOLS production.

Archeological discoveries proove this constatation.

The word PHENOMENON  is proposed to include TIME notion, that is different of DURATION notion.

A large part of the readers do not take this speech in.
In the futur it will be possible if the reader makes a result according to cybernetics process, after memorisation of sentimental and psychological, associated with logistical surroundings.

The reader personality must includes psychological characteristics as criticalness, determination to acquire knowledge of his proper functioning, and society functioning, to be able to give an answer to the questions : why on earth, why to do ?

Words of this speech are  références for consciousness cogitations to organize actions for living  towards universal phenomenon.


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