Image shows two anneaux-sat turning around the Earth sphere for prooving the possible existence of that system.
Our imaginary is able to make images inside our Human Spirit, which is our REALITY .

Reader knows main possibilities of one anneau-sat in the earth orbit, for example to eject nuclear waste.
Any nuclear waste bloc will be moved by the Sun gravitational field if its orbital speed is zero m/s .
This anneau-sat must be outside others to eliminate any collision against a bloc moving to the Sun and
to avoid the Humen living inside the anneau-satext.
A gravitational field will be made for Human life, equivalent to life on the Earth. Reflex and moves will be the same, and also fatigue, with energy recovery cycle.

Each anneau-sat must be considered as a ' tool ', to realize the final function of Humen, called EXPANSION .

Studies, with computer simulations, will allow to design the complete configuration anneau-sat system for making all moves of all parts of the system for improvement.

An idea developped by the author, is presented in a periodic scientific book called " FUSION ", 79 number of january-february 2000 year, at page 58. This rocket launch way will eliminate a part of pollution.

This system will lauch sky-rocket to a speed of around 1.5 km/s at 5000 meters high, before chemical engine for reaching the first anneau-sat.

The speed increasing for ascending, is produced by an important magnetic field to push a rocket carriage for orbiting a bloc of material.
This magnetic fields are produced by nuclear electric powers, placed along the rail, for producing magnetic impulses at good places at good times whith good synchronization.
From this initial speed, speed increasing will be produced by wellknown engines.

In 2017 the launch base number can be forseeing about 200. With 10 launchings each day 700000 tons wil be placed on orbit.

This accomplishment will be made along several century. In 2017, 99.9 % of Humen will think : "impossible".

According to our cybernetic actual knowledge, Humen love to work for more confortable way of life.


Circular speed
An anneau-sat turns around the earth center with a tangent speed wich produces centrifuge energy for making tension in the anneau-sat structure for its stabilisation.
The regular speed is maintained by several metal rollers, moved by electric power, in opposit speed direction of anneau-sat speed.
Energy transfert is made by chocs or friction.

One anneau-sat is used for transfering material, machines, humen, etc.. from earth surface to the anneau-satext, and reciprocaly, according to necessities.
Each anneau-sat has two launch rails, one to external and one to internal transfert.
When the mass is ejected, the carriage is piloted to the base for an other launch.
The rocket is piloted to the arrival base.

The anneau-satext will be constructed step by step from the Earth.

The end of that projamme 2 is not known because political problems are not resolved by the psychology and knowledge, at the beginning of XXI century.

During the anneau-sat construction only one psychological motivation will be to succeed, without mistake, to reach the common goal : to satisfy  COSMIC FINALITY.

The main constraint of the anneau-satext is to move in the orbital plan of the Earth for ejecting mass with 0 m/s speed in relation with the Sun.
The sun gravitation will move the mass into the Sun around 4 or 5 weeks.

For this organisation the anneau-satext ray will be around 64 000 km for producing an acceleration equal to 9.8 m/s2, equivalent to terrestral gravitation.


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