The word 'society' designates a lot of Humen groups, who live in a territory, called 'vital space', to prevent external aggressions, for a long time, in which foods and water are.

References of this type of group are called 'Humen values'. These words are the name of notions in there spirit, which are the reasons for leaving and are hardening by auto-conditionning.
It's indiscutable.

Analyse made into this cybernetics speech permits to find "individual human values". They are used to make 'actions' in different situations, with different psychological attitudes, as : pulsions, emotions, impulsions, sentiments, loves, hates, rational thought, cogitations, reflexions, abstractions, imaginations, dreams, hopes, spiritualisations, megalomanisations, ...

Values are transmetted by Education, reinforced by experience making along the time of life.
The notion of 'time' is real for a Human, when he observes moon rotation around the Earth. When he counts number of steps in running.

Consciousness is taken when several Humen move together, and also with soon or sun are moving, taken as reference.

EVOLUTION is made by human changes, which are copied by others.
General way of life is modified, and sometimes fixed by national laws.
This phenomenon is difficult to describe, by the fact that behaviour changes modify our thinkings.

In the futur improvements of langages will be made for a better and quicker understanding, which will change our 'shape recognition' function associated with our memories. Consequently they must increase our knowledge.

Readers can notice the writer has difficulty to express "DUALITY" in which we are living.
Readers know our spirit possesses a function called : shape recognition, that is used always for comparisons, evaluations, etc...

The bettering of Humen relations will be made for understanding the reality in which we are living.

Consequently  we must increase our knowledge of phenomenons which envelop all the life of living beings on the Earth, and erase the 'bad' from their memory.

To take into account of individual pears produced by massacres in wars, everybody must take consciousness of individual life of each Human, living inside the Humanity.

This earth life exists inside the cosmic phenomenon.
This phenomenon is unknown, but it exists.

The gravity phenomenon exists too, we see action of concrete objects in the space.
Magnetic and electric phenomenons exist too.

Inside the Univers vacuum exits everywhere around nebuleuses and stars.
Humen cannot see something in the vacuum, but it is full of wave energy. Radio waves used to command sounds running in the space constitue the proof of that reality.


Previous words designate some other words that had invented in the past, to help other Human to recognize the leader by his head-gear, the king by his white horse, etc...

Several constructed monuments prove the intelligent level of people living in this period of time, like : pyramides, muraille de chine, tools, machines, engines, airplanes,  etc...

At the same time human values had been invented for guiding human behavior, for living together.

A lot of countries have a sentence device, sculptures as emblematic figures, and so on ...

Some words are written in front of important house, for exemple in France 'liberté' 'égalité' 'fraternité' .
In other countries, written words are different. 

All theese static points increase the memorization that becomes a psychological relation for people who have a common "psychological attitude".

It constitues a characteric of the Humen culture of the Society.

Over that religions had invented  a new level of abstraction for explaining the life on the Earth.

In the occidental world, sacral books had been written for guiding human behavior, but never why.

See ''
At that point of search on society human values, no complete value list at each hierarchical level in the society, exists.

According to cybernetics discourse, cogitations will start from results that we have to do, for ever.

From that humen values will be selected for the better of Humanity.

Answers to why Humen on Eath, and to do what, are given in this discourse.

All tasks must necessitate a savoir-faire that constrains humen to live together.

The finality is the same for everybody from millenaries, unknown by 99 % of people.

Six millenaries before now, the number of Humen was around several ten millions of people, leaving in groups of several thousands people.

Their knowledge and savoir-faire permit to them to do tools and arms to make death.
Horses was mastered for their speedy displacements.

The use of theese means must be learned by war experiences against other humen groups.
At this age the winner group kills all the humen losers. Some of them became slaves.

Psychological attitude of the winner becomes "go ahead", or "go elsewhere".

Psychological attitude of the loser is fear. It is a potential emotion that  starts in dangerous situations.
To be living they have build fences, walls, to protect our women and children (surviving motivation).
Make new weapons for killing more humen.

Several millenaries before zero year, humen groups had constituded a "society" for buiding a town, with good defenses.

Population increasing, new towns had been built.

For example Macedonian had won war against Greece.
The son king Alexandre le grand, had been conquered the Perse.
His preceptor was Aristote (-342), pupil of  'Millet scool'.

Several philosophers come from this scool, like Thales (-585), Pythagore (-550), Anaximandre (-500), who says : " fondamental substance of the world is 'INFINI', that significates ' without end'. 

That sentence shows the high level abstraction in the mind of this man, at that moment.

At that period of time, philosophers invented the word " CYBERNETICS", to designate the governorship of a society.

Theese philosophers was comtemporary of Confucius (-500), who was professor in China.

During this period of time, at East, the China runs its course by wars and wars, under will-power of kings.
Their motivation was land conquest of the world.

"psychological values" are : expansiveness, domination, ambitiousness, voluntary, hate, exaggeration, have produced millions of dead people along all millenaries.

In Greece country, city organisation (= society) becomes "oligarchical" instead of "monarchical" around siecles -VII or -VI .

Olympic games was created in -776.

In 1795 the philosopher Emmanuel KANT have written the book  " perpetual peace project ".

The roman empire starts in -763, with town foundation of Rome, governed by 'latin' and 'sabbin'.

At century -VI etruscan kings organise cities and power ordains the first monument construction.

At century -V roman nobles found the REPUBLIC.

At centuries -III and -II punic wars dominate Carthage.

At centuries -II and -I Greece country is a roman province.

At year 476 barbaresque king Onagre eliminate roman emperor.

Rome is devastated  by barbaresque Alric in 410.

At the beginning of our era, zero year, romans govern the north district of Gaule (France), and all territories around Mediterranean sea.

In Judaea the Ponce Pilate roman procurator crucifies the Jesus predicator.

This event starts evolution of christian religions in the world.

During the first millenary barbaresque small tribes ( Huns, Vandales, Ostrogoths, Wisigoths ) have made large destructions in the East european countries.

Wisigoths have invaded Sud-West of the Gaule, and have invaded Spain (410-476).

King of France 'Clovis' killed the Alaric II wisigoth king, during Vouillé battle, near Poitiers in 507.

Always : wars, battles, massacres, wars, wars,...

From year 711 arabians (musulman religion) conquer spain country.
In year 1492 they were eliminated by catholic kings.

Around year 732  the Cordou emir "Abd el Rahman" invaded South-West of France, producing massacres and town destructions, including Poitiers.
The king of France "Clovis" made a battle, near Poitiers, against the emir, who was killed in 733.
Arabians were elimited from the territory.

This battle was a symbol for christian people  conflict against musulmans, and against ottoman empire, for the Reconquista in Spain, and in Mediterranean sea against barbaresques.

Readers of this discourse know "  religion wars ", that are an important part of internal wars that have made the France history.
The reason was to obtain the "France power".

The words 'war' and 'religion' show abstracted notions for one citizen by the fact  there is no relation beween 'action' and 'religious discourse'.

Charlemagne was crowned in the Reims cathedrale, year 800.

Psychology permits to understand the reasons  of action 'group wars',  because human values are the same for actors of groups : "we are the  best", domination, hate, chauvinism, jealousy, that condition Spirit of actors in groups, that decrease the mastery of cogitation for making actions according to other values, that are out of consciousness at that moment. Actions cannot be changed.

Imbricated religious communities that have not the same religious values, with a different way of life, a small different can provoke scrimmages.

Wars, wars, conflicts, scrimmages, ...

Looking for evolution of Spiritual Spirit of Humen since 5000 years, RELIGIONS were concerned.

No encyclopedia  presents a definition accepted by everybody, because more 4000 "religions" exist in the world now, diffused by a prophet or not, or other means.

According to specialists 100% of Humen have Spiritual beliefs, and a lot of people have faith.

"Way of life" consists in "environnemental adaptation" at two levels : group in the nature, individual into the group.
This affirmation necessitates a important relation between inseparable human body and the human spirit.

The human evolution is made principaly by the society that is around, associated with his personal auto-education.

Aggressions and attacks coming from surroundings, always produce an increasing of fears. Its true now.

For decreasing fears several explications have been made.
Religions have been invented to reinforce groups for living.


In the past, families clear their natural surroundings for cultivating.
This mean permits to divide efforts, in relation tasks distribution.

Territory augmentation surface has necessitated governorship, called seigneury.

Theese  political and religious entities have the king for governing.

Religious fact is made of two workships : "ancestors" and "earth gods".

The family wedding had been made by 'exo-marriage'.

A personnage "Confucius" had made a discourse on important moral rules for a person, and also into the society, that necessitates an 'organisation'.
A notion " HIÉRARCHY" is used in his discourse.
He meets 'local power people' to teach his precepts.

Along the time, philosophal scools have integrated Confusianism, Taoism and Hinduism from century -III , for making a whole notion system of thinking.

At the first millenary, christian and musulman religions have arrived in China.

In 2010 religion distribution in China is : worship of gods and ancestors 56.1 %, popular taoism religion 12.7 %,  Taoïsts 0.8 %, Budhists 13.8 %, Christians 2.4 %, Musulmans 1.7 %, irreligius 12.5 %.

The origin of orthodox church of Russia results from the baptem of the prince Vladimir Ier of Kiev by orthodox church of Bysance in 988.

Along timen, differencies on théology, worship, power, increased between catholic and orthodox religions.
In 1054 a schism has produced the separation of catholic and orthodox religions.

After the failure of crusade number III, the pope Innocent  III asked for a new crusade in 1198.

In summer 1202 Venise Republic put boats for crusade army, against cash payment of 85000 ducats. Crusaders have given only 51000 ducats.

In counterpart  they had to conquest Zara territory.
Afterwards crusaders have headed to Constantinople city  that they have plundered in 1204.
Venise has received somme byzantin territories.
The chief of crusaders "Baudoin" became the first emperor latin in Orient.
So this crusade stopped after wars between christians against others christians.

Results : wars, massacres, wars,...

In Japan, the Shintoïsm is a worship that exists from several millenaries before year zero.
This worship is a mixing of animism, chamanism, and ancestors.

The budhism was imported from China and Corean from century V .

The religious way of life of japaneses has a large diversity.
For different sacramant, he can change of religious temples.
Psychological attitude of them, conditions the life in symbiosis with the nature.

The catholic christianism has arrived in 1549 with jesuit missionaries, who have taught power men.

Religious distribution in Japan : shintoïsts  42 %, budhists  36 %,  12 % both, christians  2 %, other  8 %.

In India, several millenaries before year zero, three great religions have emerged : 'vedism' (veda = vision, = knowledge) witch have became "hindhuism" , "budhism" , "jaïnism", specificaly to try to find the liberation of reincarnations.

Vedism asks strict execution of rituals.
Make a mistake is major lack.
Vedic texts are directed on sacrifice.

Hinduism is the oldest spiritual knowledge in the world. This religion has no founder, no church.

The major idea is "dharma", that means 'universal oder', associated to 'personal religious obedience'.

From century -XV, "reveal knowledge"  was transmited from brahaman to brahaman, so vedrism has been replaced.

At century -V , ancient hinduism has replaced vedism, with three new gods : "Brahma" (= creator), "Vishnu" (= preservator), "Shiva" (= destructor).
From year 500, hinduism becomes a devotion to a personnal god.
All his life one, orthodox hindu, everyday practises rituals, for guiding his behavior, till evening for sun salutation.

At century -VI new religions, like jaïnism, has a
strict doctrine, with rigourous austerities.
Jaïns must find in himself the 'liberation' by ascetical practices of Jina.
The main idea is : all living beings and rocks have one soul, prisoner of Karma.
The goal of Humen is to separate soul by ascetism, meditation, and never make attack to any form of life.

Buddhism have arrived in India, century -VI, founded by Buddha.
Major conviction is meditation can go to 'ways of Salut'.
By opposition to brahanism, this idea is 'median way', which is meditation on human suffering to obtain the Salut.

In 2011, India religions repartition : Induism 79.8 %, Islam 14.2 %, Christianism 2.4 %, Sikhism 1.8 %, others (Buddhism, animism, jaïnism) 1.8 % .

In 2015, South America has 410 millions  population number, with 12 independant countries, including 29 ethnies.
Global religions repartition is : Christians 80 to 90 %, in which they are 80 % catholicism and 20 % protestants,  10 % people without religions.

North America has 316 millions in 2013.
Christian religions represents 70 %, without 17 %, others 13 %.
A variation of repartition has been made between 1950 and 2015, for without religion group, percentage has increased from 2 % to 17 %.

American population of the two continents is near one milliard.

In Africa continent popilation number is near 1.2 milliard in 2015. It represents 16.4 % of mondial population.

Inside 55 countries christians represent 80 to 90 %. In 19 countries musulmans represents 99 % of the population.

For all countries, other religions plus without are between 1 %  and 25 %.

In Australian continent number of population is 24.2 millions, with religions repartition : catholics 27 %, anglicans 21 %, protestants 21 %, others 6 %, including aboriginal religions.


This religion is guided by a book called the "coran", that was written along the first centuries of first millenary. It describes rules to follow by faithfull person.
Religion is dogmatic.

For exemple some dogmes , among 105, are written here :
1   -  "Allah" is alone and does not have an assioted person
4   - no other gods that him
7   - he holds all powers on all things
18 - he creates all things with his consciousness
19 - he fixed to all things one destin
35 - Allah vision is a reality for all host of paradise
57 - we, we do not excommunate anyperson who praises to the quibla
64 - only one faith exists
72 - we condemn all upheaval against our rulers
81 - the tomb is : one of paradise garden, or one hades grave
84 - god and evil are predestinated to servants
104 - Islam is between exageration and, insufficiency, between free will negation and human attribution of creation power, decision without limits, between hope and despair
105 - this is our religion, our apparent and intimate belief

We repudate all disperced opinions.
We find infallibility and assitance only close to Allah.
Peace be on everyone follows the right way.

All rules are written in a book called : " Charia", that is the ismlamic guide code that fixes to musulmans, the rules, interdicts, sanctions.
The islamic laws for alimentation, clothes, financial transactions family, heritage, penal infraction, judicial business, are fixed.

Each country has its proper charia.
Its application depends on its interpretation taken by the governorship of the country.

Preceding sentences have been readen on sites of internet.
The author has no reponsability on mistakes for english translation.
Reader can always verify on internet sites.


In the first centuries several conciles have no made definitions on universal foundations of the christian religion.

The concile of 1054 has produced the separation between catholical church and orthodox church, which is well developped in East territories of Europe.

Actually common dogmes are :
incarnation, atonement for offences, trinity dogma.


Major orthodox dogmas : to believe the same bible, to believe the same god.

The 1054 schism depends on political power, and theological plus dogmatical definitions.
For example the trinitaire dogma of Saint Esprit proceeds from the Father and the Son for catholics, but he proceeds from the Father BY the Son for orthodoxs.

Orthodox masses are everyday. Faithful does not kneel down. Popes sing whithout speech. They eat fermented bread instead of enzym.
Inside orthodox churches, icones are placed on walls, instead of statues and paintings in catholical churches.

Differencies on the wedding of religious people.

Some people of orthodox religion are included in the state and power of the country. They influence decisions and judgments.

Orthodox religions are organised according to right canons, fixed at the beginning, instead of catholical religion which is an administration.
Orthodox system is autocephal.


Since conciles years 431 and 451, latin catholical and oriental churchs have been formed. They exist in century XXI.

Leon X pope has proposed one "indulgence" to the faithful against money gift, to finish 'Saint Pierre of Roma' building.

In Germany, a lot of predications for bying indulgences provocated a big indignation of the augustin monk named " Luther ", who set up against indulgence traffic.
In 1517 he presented 95 thesis that have produced the "Reforme", that is the separation of catholics and protestants, who are christians.

They have been diffused in european countries.
The jurist Calvin has diffused Luther theory in France and Switzerland and has influenced the country organisation (1541).

In Sweden, in 1544 Gustave Ier Vasa has made heredity recognition of the king. After that he has choosen lutherian religion.

This religion is the unique in scandinavian countries, in Scotland and England.
In Ireland lutherian religion has been pressed at the North-East.
Now there are srimmages between the communities.

In France, 22 august 1572, Henry, king of Navarre, Bourbon dynasty, one of leaders of calvinist party, is getting married with Marguerite of Valois, daughter of Henri II king of France.

At the date of 23 august 1572, Catherine de Medicis ordered to massacre protestants of Paris city. The carnage has continued 24, making 3 000 dead persons.
This massacre has continued in several other towns during several days.
This periode is known as " saint Barthelemy ".

In 1589 Henry became King of France as the IV.
He took catholic religion.

In 1598 religious peace is restablished by " Edit de Nantes ".

In 18 october 1685, Louis XIV king supressed all rights for protestants. He ordered terror persecution against them by " dragons " which have made a lot of handicaped and killed people among protestants.

After that 300 000 people emigrated in counties that have the same religion.

The century XVII called "ligths century" has been  also a terror and war century . No description in teaching books.

In centuries XIV and XV occidental people have not given the support to bysantin christians for their survival battle against ottoman of Turkey.

In 1965 respective excommunications have been cancelled by pope Paul VI and patriach Athenagoras I .


This is not a religion, it gives an 'external' explanation to Humen. They must have an abstracted relation by a faith to a god, to be deliver of their misfortunes taken from real life.

Buddhism is an "internal" explanation by the Dharma, witch is a sight of the reality and of the proper life of a Human.
Human is alone for his responsability to obtain his " salut ".

This cult has ceremonies, some rituals to honour Buddha, who has esplained how to escape from suffering, and to arrive at  " Eveil ".

Meditation practice is indispensable for decreasing influences of daily preocupations.

The " moral, ethical " is a combinaison of rules for separating  the " good and evil " .

Cognitive sciences are close to meditative and yoga knowledge and practice. 


This religion has several millions of gods, is practiced only in India and Nepal.

Over polygods, a supreme god exists, named " Brahama ".

The common point of all different religions is the sacred acceptance to " VEDAS ", written from -3500 years.

Vedas are interpreted and teached in schools that have different humen values, like 'theist', 'nihilist', 'atheist', with the very important condition to accept and follow Vedas.
In all other cases is equivalent to be opposite to India.

Hierarchical notion is written in Vedas. It is used in indian organisation, wellknown by the word ' caste '.

ONU report 1998

RELIGIONS in the world

CHRISTIANS           1.9 Md    32.8 %
                                      - catholic      17.3 %
                                      - protestant    5.3 %
                                      - orthodox       3.6 %
                                      - anglican        1.1 %

                                      - autre             6.3 %
MUSULMANS            1.16 Md   19.6 %

NON RELIGIOUS       910 Mo   15.4 %

HINDOUX                  762 Mo   12.8 %

BUDDHISM                354 Mo     6.0 %

JUDE                         14.1 Mo     0.2 %

SIKH                         22.3 Mo     4.2 %

OTHERS                    876  Mo   14.2 %

for a world population of  6 milliards of Humen

Official institutions have produced these data.
Any reader can observe, the component "spirituality" exists in the spirit of each Human in the world.
Each Human has asked to himself the question : 'what I do on the earth'.

Religions propose an abstracted answer : ' by the faith in god, you will be raised '.

An other answer is proposed in this discourse, related to a phenomenon that is elsewhere around us. 

Adult psychology rests positive, religions propose the mean to do not fear of death, by the idea that " paradise " exists after the life.
This psychological conditioning is increased by "evil" existence, place of all pains.

This site discourse proposes an answer : the phenomenon that everybody is living along all his life.


In the day reality, existence of the money, called " silver, gold " permits to exchange between Humen, is a mean adapted to cogitate with our Spirit, that is able to evaluate things and services by quantification. Obtained data can be written on papers, to permit memorization.

Everybody knew and use this interchange mean for buing and selling anything, serviceable at any moment of time.
Buildings have been created in large towns to be a ' money market place '.

Humen are necessary for managing the money market, in which everybody put his money to gain more. Salaried Humen work to obtain money.
Most of readers do not know the processing cycle of the money.

By comparison with the past, a salaried Human is a slave.
Nobody knows what to work on the earth, nobody knows ethical humen values.

Only one idea is inside spirit of everybody : to have money.
First mean has been to steal pocket-book, or to rob passants.
A new mean is racket by illegal actions to rob.

Consequences are economical wars, at different levels, that do murder, failure, insolvency, bankruptcy entreprises.

Humen are specialists for conflicts, wars and so on.


Previous words designate organisations and associations that knot Humen, have ideas, convictions, different references in their spirituality, that produce in their mind, psychological attitudes, that can evoluate along their life.

Sects, associations, are in this category.
They are numerous : templars, freemasons, KKK, etc...
Others classified 'dangerous' : solar temple, davidians, paradise doors, moon, scientology, etc...

Theese informations are not publicity or promotion.
It is a  proof of the variety of Humen
spirituality, which become convictions along the time by autosuggesting.

Psychological attitudes are modified, so they modify behaviours.
There is also latent behaviours that start in exceptional situations, to produce catastrophes.

Dead persons, suicides, murders, have been made by sects.


The word signifies to observe one phenomenon, associated with methodology, for obtaining knowleges, with experimental proofs.


At the beginning of century XXI, indonesian tsunami shows the reality lived by people.

A passenger carrier captain seeing the situation, he rapidly decided to go out the wharf with some passengers on the boat. Now they are in life. All passengers on the wharf have been died.

This example shows the captain mastership in this exceptional situation.
He made cybernetic procedure.


The logical proceeding science is increasing.
It starts from the low level to arrive at the top.

In occidental religions logical proceeding starts from the abstract level to explain all existing living beings and things.

Logical proceeding religions is decreasing, from top to low levels. All is explained, without prooves.
All is written on a sacred book.
Necessity has been to create "GOD" .

All this methodoly conditions modify psychological attitudes of all believing persons.

In religions of people living at East part of Asia continent, logic is neutral. It means reality is neutral. We have to live together.

Both proceedings have made society organisation, with rules for regularizing human behaviors .

The systemic theory represents dogmatic poceeding as 'homeostatic', that means ' there is nothing to do ', = static .

The scientific proceeding is dynamic, for going to the futur, to go towards in the space.

Everybody can notice that the actual systems of humen societies is not cybernetic.

There is no goals to mobilize together all potential participants for working for the Humanity interests, by creating projects.
No knowledge on the 'DESTINY' of the Humanity, No WILL to succeed .

For solving the situation, one action, to put forwards a religion directed to Humanity, which is sacred for ever for all Humen.

We have to explain two major finalities :
- to increase speed rotation of the Earth
- to capt solar energy for eternity, without pollution.

A lot of projects can be prepared to realize a better life on the Earth, for everybody.

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