The word CYBERNETICS designates all processes that have an aim, or a goal, or a realisation that can be in material space, or in  abstract space or knowledge, which are made by a system, like a living beeing or a thermodynamic machine made by Humen.

The wellknown process is to conduct a motor-car between two points, which necessitates to bring into order the vehicle with feet and hands for arriving at the town with his life.

This process is called  'cybernetical'.

In the common life all Humen adults have been conditionned in there childhood, to make habits which have been recorded in a special part of the brain called cerebellum.

In fact these actions are NOT cybernetical.

They constitutes the BEHAVIOUR.

A cybernetical 'action' is always a part of a process, which is always prepared by consciousness before action, with an intense will to succeed without mistake or disaster.

Each reader understands this discourse describes all notions around 'cybernetics'.