From an external point of vue, this is the description of actions, behaviors, psychology, of one Human, Humen groups, who live in an entity, called in this discourse HUMANITY .
Knowledge scientificaly acquired, permits to say that HUMANITY is a thermodynamic system, constituted of several milliards of systems, called LIVING BEINGS, existing on the Earth, which is a thermodynamic system inside the solar system, situated inside the Galaxy, which is a thermodynamic system in the Univers.
In this discourse a Human is called " systemV " .
Situation is clearly described, this is the  INCONTESTABLE  REALITY , in which all Humen live, and will live during several thousands years, arriving, because the Earth is rotating .
Discourse of this site proposes one human description of his everyday life.
Some avant-projects are proposed in the goal to make better the FUTUR LIFE of Humen of the  HUMANITY .
The most important is to put in actions all resources to INCREASE  the rotating speed of the Earth.
The earth warming-up climate will decrease.